Most of the ingredients used in pharmaceutical formulations are sensitive to external factors such as sunlight, moisture, smells and some of the common gases found in the air i.e. oxygen. This sensitivity is even more intense in tropical countries – India being one of them. And at the same time the cost of packaging also needs to be viable.

This is accomplished by utilizing PVDC coated PVC films.

Indian Cork Mills Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in this field, as we have been serving the pharmaceutical businesses for more than five decades. We boast a huge manufacturing facility encompassing 40000 sq. ft which incidentally is dust proof and follows strict international norms of PVC manufacturing process. What makes us even more unique is our Class 100000 air conditioned PVDC coating area. All this translates into PVDC coated PVC films that offers remarkable barrier / resistance against external interference, improved laying during actual packaging and brilliant clarity, which is a must in today’s quality conscious times.

Moreover, we provide PVC film which is coated with uniform and consistent PVDC. This simply means there is no scope for moisture, gas or aromas to seep through the packaged products. Our films are durable in terms of mechanical stability and present unmatched performance when mounted on assembly line. High efficiency packaging material reduces downtime and waste which in turn increases productivity and cost competence.

At Indian Cork Mills Pvt. Ltd. we believe in delivering excellent quality PVDC coated PVC films at the most cost effective price point. This is typically achieved by adapting innovative processes, enhancing people capabilities and incorporating state of the art quality assurance management system.