PVC Film

Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC is an excellent thermo Plastics polymer. Interestingly one of the popular products that are manufactured from this versatile compound is rigid film. By exploiting pharmaceutical grade raw material and state of the art calendaring process we produce excellent PVC films which are designed to protect tablets, injectable and packed tablets from moisture and gas which are found naturally in the air. It also offers a cost effective solution for packaging hygroscopic products and at the same time enhances their shelf life by creating excellent barrier. On the consumer front this type of wrapping offers convenience and fantastic storage quotient.

Some of the other salient features of our PVC films include: unmatched formability and shrinkage control, uniform thickness, high impact strength and confirms to international packing standards. Moreover, because our films are made under strict conditions it provides our customers an efficient and accurate blister material that is compatible with most of the popular packing machines.

TDS-PVC-0.25-MM  View Flow Chart