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Welcome to the heart of ICMPL’s organizational structure, a finely tuned engine designed for success. At the helm, our Chairman leads with a vision, steering the company towards innovation and excellence. Supporting the strategic direction are key pillars – Director Finance, Director Technical, and Sales Head – each contributing unique expertise to their respective domains.

The operational backbone is fortified by heads of crucial departments – Purchase, Accounts, Factory, and QA. These leaders ensure seamless coordination and execution in their realms, promoting efficiency and quality. The production line is manned by skilled professionals, including Fitters, Welders, and Production Supervisors, ensuring the precision and reliability of our PVC film solutions. Meanwhile, our Laboratory Assistants meticulously uphold quality standards, working in tandem with our Stores and Dispatch Head to deliver products that exceed expectations. At ICMPL, our organizational chart is not just a structure; it’s a symphony of expertise and commitment, harmonizing to propel us to greater heights.