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Indian Cork Mills manufactures PVC films in an array of clear and coloured options. These products are specially targeted at the pharmaceutical companies due to its amazing packaging features. Moreover, it can be produced as per customer specifications for their blister packing needs. Interestingly, PVC films are made through “Calendering” process. On the other hand PVdC coated films provide excellent moisture barrier, a boon for pharmaceutical entities who sell hygroscopic medicines in the form of tablets. Indian Cork Mills offers PVdC coatings from 20 GSM to 120 GSM weights. Our products are tested for the following.

  1. Resistance to environmental conditions.
  2. Non-reactive quotient / changes in packaged characteristics.
  3. Toxicity changes.
  4. Transfer of any kind odour or change in taste.
  5. Pilfer proof quotient / tear resistance.
  6. And adaptability of our products amongst various packaging machines.

The above quality parameters are tested using some of the best quality control equipments and tools. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Spectrophotometer.
  • Tensile strength tester.
  • Opacity testing machine.
  • Automatic shade matching equipment.
  • Dart impact tester.
  • Dedicated UPS system for calendar to ensure quality production.
  • Complete AHU system installed across the plant with micro filtration in the PVdC production area.