Our Philosophy

At Indian Cork Mills we believe that every organisation possesses a distinct character, typically born out of certain core values such as integrity, ethical conduct, and the quality of process and manpower integration. While all these rules or core values are invisible in nature, its presence can be seen in the form of increased sales, highly satisfied customer and vendor base and of course unmatched loyalty percentage amongst the employees. It also results in sound decision making, improved planning and cohesive ambience.

Therefore, for us, philosophy is nothing but the sedimentation of these core values when filtered through the eyes of customers, vendors and employees. These are the dimensions that set us apart from others. So, how do we actually initiate and apply this doctrine to our business? Simple! Through four key metrics –

Technology –

We don’t manufacture a unique or one of a kind patented product. What we produce and supply is rigid PVC films as well as PVdC coated PVC films. However, we make sure we integrate the latest and the best technologies available for this segment. This ensures fantastic quality, consistent and high plant efficiency and competitive manufacturing cost. We also make sure the raw materials that we use during the process fit our stringent quality parameters. By maintaining a high level of quality consciousness we minimise rejections and thereby increase vendor satisfaction quotient.

Processes –

At Indian Cork Mills we make sure every process is suitably complemented with impeccable manufacturing practices and procedures. This requires additional equipment and setups. Corona treatment, PLC controlled system throughout the machine and tension controls at unwind and rewind station are some of the features that ensure improved processing and product quality. Yet another setup that ensures a uniform and consistent ground temperature is our 66 tons, monstrous but efficient air-conditioning system.

People capability –

Our “people value” philosophy is really simple. We look upon people relationships with reverence. Whether it is a customer, vendor or employee we consider every entity an integral and important part of our organisation and not just some replaceable cogs in the profit churning machinery. We believe in looking after our people by addressing their problems, grooming them technologically and enhancing their key skills for improved growth prospects. Motivation is yet another core thought process that we look at with great respect. It enhances confidence amongst employees and vendors.

Quality Management Systems –

By incorporating world class quality control system and equipments such as spectrophotometer, tensile strength tester, opacity testing machine, automatic shade matching equipment and dart impact tester we ensure products that guarantee to surpass stringent international quality tests. No wonder then we have fetched several accolades and quality standard certification such as ISO 9001:2015, cGMP, USFDA Drug Master File and ISO 15378:2015.